Agricultural Innovations recognizes that in the agricultural value chain, a safe and efficient product application is an opportunity to take an immediate step forward to a more sustainable agriculture. The world needs the countryside at its best and that compels us to do more every day.


Xion Activegel Product Bottle

SpeedWet Xion Activegel is a potent herbicide enhancer by Agricultural Innovations. Its unique blend of surfactants, humectants, and water conditioners optimizes dosage, overcoming barriers for maximum herbicide efficacy. From conditioning water pH to enhancing wetting and penetration, it’s the ultimate solution for efficient, effective herbicide application.

Xion Silicongel Product Bottle

SpeedWet Xion Silicongel is the culmination of extensive research and development, meticulously tailored to optimize the bioavailability of insecticides and fungicides. With a concentrated and precisely balanced formulation, it enhances application efficiency even in the most challenging environmental conditions. Its unique blend of surfactants and fatty amides ensures uniform drop spray, superior penetration, and protection against extreme temperatures and humidity.

At Agricultural Innovations, we specialize in Multi-action Adjuvants, revolutionary additives meticulously crafted to empower producers with a comprehensive solution. Our adjuvants are engineered to deliver chemical stability to formulations while enhancing multiple physicochemical properties crucial for optimizing application efficacy and bioavailability of active ingredients. In addition to being specialists in adjuvants, we create protocols for product application that take the efficiency beyond the lab, transforming information into knowledge.



We know that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the application of phytosanitary products today is the porcelain link in the value chain of the countryside. The step forward is in implementing the solutions we already have available on a global scale. The step forward is in collaborative work.

Offering the world the best version of the countryside is not about advancing by leaps and bounds, but by asking yourself, “What step forward did you take today?”